The Process

From your initial idea to a successful product

A unique way of creating

Looking for someone with whom to discuss your ideas? We’ll gladly provide valuable suggestions to help you realize your project

You have the ideas. We have the expertise.

Together we’ll create an electronic product that will conquer the market.

Whether it is through:

  • Financing opportunities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Initial proof of concept for feasibility – With long-term partners from production, development and management, we stand ready to assist you every step of the way, guiding you to a profitable product.

Your product’s lifecycle

Prototype: Hitting the mark on the first try

From us you can expect the shortest, most optimal path to a prototype. Our experts in circuit design layout will combine EMI functionality and component selection to produce a top-notch result. Naturally before the agreed-upon deadline.

Qualification: The critical phase of any project

The metamorphosis into a production-ready product requires good documentation and dependable circuitry. Simultaneously, we prepare the price calculations for the possible serial production quantities:


of serial production products

Test runs

under difficult conditions

EMC approvals





from customer


of the producibility

A tight schedule, limited resources in all areas, feasibility concerns, and commercial practicality are conditions very familiar to a partner like Tronic One. Let us use our power for your project.

We successfully ensure a seamless flow of goods and just-in-time production on a daily basis.

You can rely on Tronic One for:

  • Cost-effective warehouse management
  • Goods always ready exactly when you need them
  • Elimination of bottlenecks
  • Cost reduction and optimization through the use of market analyses

Take advantage of our extensive network of contacts and expertise to obtain the best financing terms.

End of life: The best strategy for living on

Continue to serve your lucrative orders in the coming years by offering workable solutions. Satisfied customers are those able to order their familiar trusted products one last time.  Let us track down these “antiques” for you.

Components that are out of production can still be found at fair prices on the global market. The most important thing is: to anticipate new developments early enough. You can rely on Tronic One’s foresightedness.

Modification/Variation: New markets await your product

Would you like to modify or enhance your product? Do you see a need to optimize your product, reduce expenses or improve the quality? The lifecycle process starts anew while production and development of the existing products continues.

Additional resources will be required and must be planned.  Have you planned a course of action? Let our experts handle this for you. Now.